Ewe Poo is compost that is designed to help
fertilize and enhance your garden

Compost is a lightweight and fairly stable form of organic matter that reduces a soil’s density, increases fertility and can help replenish soil nutrients. Adding compost to soil improves aeration and drainage of dense and waterlogged soils as well as aggregation of sandy soils and increases a soil’s replacement ability. Not all the benefits of compost are fully understood, but it does contain certain natural occurring fungicides and useful organisms that improve soil and will curb disease causing organisms.

In an average analysis of organic materials, sheep compost was higher in N (nitrogen), P (potassium), and K (phosphoric acid) than the manure from other species like horse, cow or hog.

A couple of sheep. Compost can be added as a soil amendment in the fall to enhance the soils chemistry. In the spring, besides being a soil amendment, it is a source of plant nurishment to promote fast and healthy plant development. It can also be used during the summer as a top dress to provide a natural nutritional boost.